Happy New Years from Iron Moose Development!

2018 in review

2018 was a big year for us - we started up after all!

Iron Moose Development


We made a blog! Originally our blog was a web page that was hand coded by our very own CEO, because he does things like that to get out of meetings. (Can you really blame him?) In December, we moved to a new blog platform called Ghost that has features like drafts, and scheduling posts and is overall an unbelievable improvement. We haven't done much with it yet, but stay tuned!

Our Team

Every project is only as good as its team, and we've definitely seen that with Iron Moose. What started as a handful of software engineers quickly grew into an interdisciplinary team filled with some amazing talent. There's been a lot of memes on the company Discord, but there's also been a lot of admiration, and learning. MooseTracks is a better product, and we're a better team for the specialties and dedication of every person we've brought on.

Other things

We did some ad hoc work for a non-profit library program. They haven't officially launched yet, so we can't tell you too much about it but we really enjoyed the opportunity to give back to the public library system. Everyone at Iron Moose has fond memories of their local libraries, and some of us are actively involved, so this was a special project for us. We hope to continue our relationship with the project in the coming year.


The proof-of-concept for MooseTracks was whipped up over a weekend back  in June of 2018. Our MVP took another 3 months in order to have a UI  with all of our core features. Since then, we’ve been maturing MooseTracks to make it ready for general use. It’s been a busy year! Here’s two of our recent features we just shipped:

Extension points

Your workflow is unique - you have your keyboard shortcuts set up and  your favorite mouse that scrolls just the way you want. Why shouldn’t your software be tailored to you as well?
One of the major goals we accomplished in 2018 was building a data pipeline with extension points so that you can customize MooseTracks to work the way you want. Here’s a few examples of what you can do:

  • Censor password fields
  • Post a Slack message when an SSL cert issue is encountered
  • Check API calls to your CreateUser endpoint and add an Error if there is no “Email” field present

Currently this functionality is only present in the API, but we are working on a Zapier integration to make it easier to use!

Team View

We know that programming is better with friends, so we’ve been expanding  on our Team features. You can now view a list of the other friendly Rangers in your Park in the Park sidebar!

2019 Resolutions

MooseTracks is fast approaching version 1.0 where we will leave our Beta and begin charging for our higher tiers. No worries, we will always have a free tier for the tinkerers and open source lovers out there! Here's what we have left before we hit 1.0:

Park Management

We want to give you more control over your Park, with better control over Extension points, the Rangers who are part of your Park, and what Tier your Park is being charged at. Our backend is already good-to-go for these features, so we just need to figure out our UX. Look forward to this soon!

MooseTracks is going Open Source!

One of our commitments for 2019 is to expand our support of Open Source. We already love working with library maintainers to add new features, but we want to do more! As part of this commitment MooseTracks will become Open Source on Github. The Proxy and API will be the first components to enter Open Source with the UI likely to follow. We are still planning how to make this happen, so stay tuned!

Roadmap post release

Version 1.0 doesn't mean we are done - we have plenty of work in the pipeline. Here's a high level overview of the next chunks of functionality we are currently investigating adding:

Email capturing

API calls fuel your data, but Emails are how you communicate with your users. Capturing Emails in MooseTracks seems like an easy win to help consolidate the number of tools a developer needs to check for debugging their program.

Event tracking

APM's help show you the overall health of your program while MooseTracks shows you the details. Your API calls don't exist without context though - showing events such as "User submitted a form" followed by the API call should help add clarity to the data and further reduce time spent investigating a problem.


For even more context than Events, full Trace logging provides the maximum amount of info. This is one we will have to spend a lot of time researching however - the UX of that much data might dilute MooseTracks past the point of usefulness. Better integration with tools such as Kibana might end up being the better course of action here. If you have some feedback on what you would like to see, feel free to reach out to us at contact@ironmoosedevelopment.com!

Thanks for making 2018 great for us, and we look forward to seeing you on the trails in 2019!