Over the last two months we’ve been working to build something very special at Iron Moose Development. It’s been a lot of hard work, and extra hours in the evenings that I’m sure our loved ones don’t begrudge us at all, but we are finally releasing our first product, MooseTracks, into open beta, and thereby launching ourselves as a “real company”.

When Iron Moose Development was first conceived, we didn’t quite take it seriously ourselves. Our developers met while working on the GLAS thermostat project, which used RunScope Live Traffic Inspector to assist  in debugging API issues. When RunScope's Inspector  was shut down, they struggled to find a replacement - there were a few  potential options out there, but most were expensive and none stored data for extended periods of time. Someone finally suggested that we build one ourselves, and a few  inspiring lunch chats later we decided to start building.

"Why don't we just build our own?"
-- Cody Swendrowski, our now CEO

Iron Moose Development has changed and grown from those early  “wouldn’t it be crazy if we started a company” discussions. We’ve refined our scope and vision for the long term direction of MooseTracks (sign up for our newsletter and we'll  let you know when that blog post is ready!), and we’ve added more talent  to our team.     Besides just ex-GLAS developers, we’ve added a  designer, a content writer, a marketer, and a Deaf Junior Developer. Our  designer’s made us a snazzy style guide and teased us with thoughts of a  custom font sometime in the future, our content writer’s worked hard to help us shape our  persona, both internally and externally, and our marketer has taught us  how to "tell people what we do".

We've gone from a product idea to the first  version of that reality, which feels crazy to us. At the same time, other ideas are turning to reality as well - Our team joked about how cool it would be to go to  conferences eventually, and now we are actually going to be sponsoring https://www.creamcitycode.com this October 13th. Our little company’s growing up so fast. *parental tear*

MooseTracks as a product has changed a lot too. For one thing, its got a UI now. More importantly, it has got all of the core functionality we envisioned when we first sat down and seriously asked ourselves “what kind of API traffic visualizer would we want to use?”

We are super excited to bring MooseTracks to all the lovely developers and APIs out there. In fact, we can’t wait - that’s why we’ve launched an open beta! Open up your own Park at MooseTracks today, and check out the best darn API debugging tool you’ve ever seen for yourself. We’re very proud and excited about it.

To invite you to join in the celebration, we’ll  also be giving away a GLAS thermostat to one lucky winner. Just use the form below to sign up for our  newsletter and enter. And tell all your friends to enter too – for every  referral, you’ll get                 another entry. Editor's Note: Thanks for participating, the contest is now over!

We thought a lot about what would be appropriate  for use to give away, and we think a GLAS is the perfect option. Our developers have left the GLAS  team for other day jobs, but it still holds a special place in our history – the place where it all began.  We’d like to honor that history, while celebrating the bright                       things in store for MooseTracks and Iron Moose.

MooseTracks is far from done - We deeply  understand API's from decades of development expertise, and want to  utilize that knowledge to save you every second we possibly can. Here's just a short list of things you can expect  in the future:

  • OAuth2 Issue Analysis
  • SSL Validation Information
  • Rate Limit Checking
  • Support for more than just JSON, including Images and Files

Thanks for joining us on this adventure